About Us
  Environment protection is a global concern today. Growing India has also joined hands with other nations towards the awareness of environment. Besides economic development, we have also started concentrating on the development of ECO-FRIENDLY concept.

One of the several ways to protect environment is to use handmade papers and to promote its usage all over the world. With this motive “SUNRAYS” has been started.As per name, SUNRAYS wants to shine on World by eliminating the dark clouds of pollution from the environment and make the whole world sparkling with its rays. We are doing a little bit to cut down on global warming while making our business of eco-friendly papers.

The owner of the company Mr. Parth K. Bhatt an MBA graduate from England and P. G Diploma in International Business form India, concern for environment diversify into production of eco-friendly papers and then branch out into gifts and a host of other items that has drawn many corporate houses into our list of clientele.
We deck up our products with the help of local artisans. While fulfilling of dream of reaching out to the traditional artisans of Gujarat, we have made them an integral part of our production line.Acting under our supervision a team of local artisans are ready at hand, giving shape to and decorating our products.    
“SUNRAYS” deals with all kind of Handmade papers and products. Research is our basic theme and we introduce new designs and products every now and then. We have a vast range of products such as paper bags, wine bags & cashew nut bags , boxes, pen stands, dustbins, dairies, slip pad box, mobile stands, photo albums, lampshades, envelops, wall pieces etc. We serve to many esteemed corporate clients in India and also cater to the needs of many event organizers, marriages, parties etc.    
Our customers have the opportunity to personalize their products in specific paper and size as per their requirement.